OPI Spring Collection: 5 Reasons Why You'll Love The OPI Gel Colors

by Alen Sarkisyan

Spring is around the corner. Are you looking for easy-maintenance, chip-free nails for your springtime/summer getaway? Check out the new OPI Gel Color Spring Me Myself 2023 collection. Gel colors last longer than your ordinary nail polish and impart a dazzling luster! Pair it with OPI Infinite Shine primer and gloss - and your nails are good to go for another three weeks. If you want them to last up to five weeks, you can try the new and vibrant OPI dip powder range.

In addition to the existing shades, the Spring Collection of OPI gel colors brings you an array of unfiltered brights and pastels to brighten your spring fashion. With trendy hues and trendier names, such as "Blinded by the ring light" and "Spring break the internet," these gel colors are sure to impress you with their delightful quality. Here are five reasons why the OPI gel colors will be your favorite springtime purchase:

1) So Convenient To Apply

The ease of application of the OPI gel colors and OPI dip powders is their USP. For best results, begin by applying an OPI gel color base coat before wearing the shade of your choice. Next, choose the gel color and apply it in a thin coat down the center of the nail, followed by the sides, leaving a tiny margin around the cuticle. Use the gel color drying LED lamp for 30 seconds to cure after application. Repeat the step once more and get those perfectly done-up nails at home without having to get a manicure in the nail salon. Say goodbye to smudges and stains with this technique.

2) Shades That Complement The Season

The brand new Spring Collection of OPI gel colors and OPI Infinite Shine lacquers come in refreshing hues of cremes, shimmers, and pearls. With novel shades ranging from shimmery pink, red, and violet to tangerine orange and soothing pastels, you can select colors reflecting seasonal freshness. Furthermore, both the OPI dip powders and gel colors are odor-free. It is great for those allergic to acrylic chemicals and fumes.

OPI Gel Colors

3) Colors That Dry in a Jiffy

Traditional nail polishes take time to dry, don't last more than four days, and are prone to smudging. Opting for OPI gel colors saves you time with their quick-dry formulation. Just 30 seconds under our patented LED lamp is enough to dry them and keep them going for four weeks! Moreover, the OPI Infinite Shine lacquer top coat dries naturally and does not even need an LED lamp.

4) Low-Maintenance and High-Protection

No more worrying about chipped, peeled, and broken acrylic nails. The OPI gel colors are reliable for their durability and flexibility. They withstand daily wear and tear. Applying a top coat of OPI Infinite Shine gloss and primer can increase the longevity of your gel-polished nails. You can be off to your next appointment right after a gel manicure with the OPI dip powder and gel color range. Furthermore, you can explore nail art possibilities on your gel-manicured nails without worrying about damage.

5) Impeccable Finish

The OPI gel colors are more pigmented than traditional acrylic colors. It means you require fewer coats to achieve a solid and high-gloss finish. Moreover, the color stays intact (almost four weeks) and does not fade till you decide to remove it. Gel colors are perfect if you want your nails to have a more subtle and natural appearance. You can try the OPI dip powder range for a more vibrant finish and long-lasting effect. These powders are suitable for nail art and do not require UV/LED curing.

Tips to make your OPI gel colors last longer

Following these suggestions will keep your OPI gel colors going for a longer time:

Visit our website and browse the wide variety for all your nail-care needs. Check out our exclusive Spring Me Myself collection of OPI gel colors, dip powders, top coats, and more. Get attractive deals and offers on purchases. Contact us here for inquiries and feedback.


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