Acrylic nails healthy alternative!

by Alen Sarkisyan

Unhealthy nails. We have all been there. With new products always on the market, it's hard to weigh your options and figure out the pros and cons. That's why we're here!

Traditional Acrylic Nails require the use of many chemicals and dangerous application tactics. Not only are products such as powders, liquids, nail glue, and tips being applied to your nail, but you also have a nail drill filing down your natural nails to its core before application. And don't get us started on what happens when you accidentally break one of those beautiful, costly nails.

Here are some pros of acrylics nails:

  • more durable than regular manicure
  • most nail techs have mastered the application
  • low-cost (compared to gel application)
  • can prevent bad habit of nail biting

Here are some cons of acrylic nails:

  • can damage natural nail
  • can cause allergic reactions
  • can cause natural nail to lift from its nail bed (ouch)
  • requires professional application and is not recommended to try at home
  • requires filing the natural nail down with every new set
  • strong odors/dust 
  • application takes at least 45 minutes (up to 2 hours)

We're here to introduce Aprés Nail Gel-X Gel Extension System -- the world's first and only soft gel nail extension system!

The soft gel extension system is much better for a number of reasons. The tips are made from cutting edge soft gel formulas. With the tips already in shape and ready to use, there is no need for filing or shaping (unless you would prefer to do so). Application is a breeze with step by step instructions (so easy you can do it at home with the right tools). 

Here are some pros of Aprés Gel-X Sytem:

  • does not cause damage to natural nails
  • does not require filing/drilling natural nail
  • does not require filing/shaping extension tip
  • tip covers entire nail (no need to add extra powder/liquid)
  • with enough practice, application can be as fast as 10 minutes
  • simple and harmless removal
  • simple step by step instructions ensure easy application

Here are some cons of Aprés Gel-X System:

  • may be hard to locate salons that have mastered the technique
  • may require LED/UV light (although the kit does come with a 2W mini light!)
  • may be more expensive as opposed to the traditional acrylic nails

All in all, if you are looking for a healthier and more efficient alternative to traditional acrylic nails, we highly recommend trying this product! See a how-to video below and be amazed at the easy breezy application!



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