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Bridal Nails Inspo for your special day!

Whether you just got engaged, or your wedding is a few weeks away, these bridal nails will give you plenty of inspo for when your special day arrives!

Keep in mind, when making the appointment for your nails:

  1. Make sure to book weeks in advance with your nail tech
  2. Let them know what the occasion is so that they know it is important to you as a client
  3. Have photographs ready of the nails you would like (a picture is worth a thousand words!)
  4. Buy and bring the necessary nail tools needed (it is not always guaranteed that they will have your favorite color in stock)
  5. Be prepared to pay a little extra (some nail techs charge more for certain work or designs done)
  6. Do NOT handle any rough work with your hands until your special day is over! (this is to prevent chipping/dulling of the nails)

Ready for some beautiful inspo? Take a look below...

1) Here we start with the basic white nails

And a flare for the dramatic -- 

2) Here are some ombre/nude looks