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4 Ideas for Summer Nails

With summer approaching, we're ditching the warm nail colors and going for the brighter look!

Try these 4 designs next time you hit the salon, or are simply bored at home and want to do your nails:

1) Glow In the Dark Nails

Next time you visit your favorite nail tech, bring them a bottle of Cre8tion glow in the dark gel. They apply and cure like a regular gel polish, but your nails will look far from regular! If you choose to use dipping powders instead of gel polish, ask your nail tech to try an ombre with the Chisel glow in the dark dipping powders! 

2) Neon Nails

Nothing brings attention to nails better than a neon color. We've got you covered. Oranges, greens, pinks, and yellows in neon looks best by the pool side! Take a look at these neon gel collections:

  • https://universalnailsupplies.com/products/harmony-gelish-holiday-2017-thrill-of-the-chill-winter-collection
  • https://universalnailsupplies.com/products/opi-gelcolor-2019-always-bare-for-you-collection-set-of-6

Or, opt for these Chisel dipping powder neon colors:

  • https://universalnailsupplies.com/collections/chisel-neon

3) Mermaid Nail Design

This design is perfect for when you decide to go to the beach! A mermaid marble design will have people thinking you came straight out of the ocean. Different colored bases will give different results. These decals can be applied at home! Take a look:


4) Ombre Nails

As mentioned above, ombre nails are a good go-to. This happens to be the case for regular acrylic nails as well (not just glow in the dark dip powders). Add a flare to it with beautiful rhinestones!

  • Ombre powders: https://universalnailsupplies.com/collections/chisel-ombre
  • Rhinestones: https://universalnailsupplies.com/collections/born-pretty-nail-art-wheels