Eye Beauty Care Mini Massage Device

  • Eye Beauty Care Mini Massage Device
1. The principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridian
2. Head- Ergonomic design
3. Small size
4. 8000 times per minute Microseismic
5. Sensing smart switch
6.With the plastic cover, protect the massage head from scratch, anti-dust, maintain the cleanness of massage head.
1. Remove Dark Circles
2. Remove Eyes Bags 
3. Improve Eye Color
4. Remove Eye Wrinkle  
5. RemoveFat Granules
6. Relieve Eye Fatigue
How to use:
1. Side out battery cover and insert 1*AAA battery.
2. Apply desired skin care/eye cream or essence on wrinkle part.
3. Hold this item, keep silver plate touch, gently massage facial skin.
4. Please clean massage head after use, and put on protection cap.