Gelish PolyGel Trial Kit-Nail Enhancement System

Gelish PolyGel Trial Kit-Nail Enhancement System
  • Includes: One 2 oz Natural Clear, One 4 oz Slip Solution, One Tube Key, One Multi Purpose Tool, One 6-PC Pop Display for Merchandising
  • Not an acrylic, not a hard gel, new patent pending Gelish PolyGel combines the best qualities of both acrylics and hard gels in a system that’s undeniably better! Years in development and extensively salon tested; users agree that Gelish PolyGel delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails with NO ODOR that nail techs and clients can count on!
  • The perfect spectrum of opaque and sheer shades for creating smooth, flawless nails.
  • Precise and convenient squeeze tube takes the guesswork out of application.
  • PolyGel doesn’t move until you apply pressure and stays put until cured.
  • 30-50 sets per tube depending on sculpt or overlay application.
  • No product waste.
  • How To Use:
  1. Step 1- Squeeze, slice, and roll. Squeeze just the right amount of PolyGel out of the tube, slice the product with your multi purpose tool. Roll onto nail.
  2. Step 2- Using your brush and a small amount of Slip Solution shape product into place. Use with a short square, rm synthetic brush.
  3. Step 3- Cure 30 seconds in 18G LED light.