Bio Seaweed French Manicure Set - 3Step Colour Gel Polish set of 3

Always in trend is the classic French Manicure. Save 10% when purchasing the French Manicure set. 

With the BSG 3STEP French Manicure set you can create the perfect mani every time. Always smooth to apply and self-levelling with no shrinkage. Must always use with BSG Base and Top Gel Polish.

  1. White Gel #01 - Classic white. Colour Guide: Solid
  2. Marshmallow #04 - Soft natural pink. Colour guide: Sheer
  3. Tea Party #12 - Translucent soft pink. Colour guide: Sheer 

Looking for something more natural? Use #12 Tea Party. 
Looking for something with a pop of pink? Use #04 Marshmallow.