Trendy Fall Nails with O.P.I Wholesale Nail Polish

by Ishant Sharma

Fall has finally arrived! And how else does one enjoy this wonderful season than to get all done up in fall aesthetics? A good nail design to go with your cosy outfit and even warmer drink would be great. Here are a few nail designs to brighten up your fall aesthetics. We trust you will handle the rest!

For these styles, we do recommend the O.P.I Gell Nail Polish collection which has a wide variety of shades and palettes for your taste. O.P.I has a range of traditional as well as not-so-conventional paints in their carousel of colours.

Greens :

Greens are a predictably good colour for the fall season. They represent the renewal process of earth and go with most shades. A gloomy sort of green is a very chic colour as well. Mossy and dark convey the exact mood of fall

Try O.P.I’s Suzi - The First Lady Of Nails colour for a great finish and great colour. The formula is luxurious and lightweight enough to make it feel like nothing at all.

Darker Colours:

Coming through with the trend of darker colours, plum, purple and similar colours are all rage. These might be a little unconventional for fall but you can get away with it for all occasions with a little maintenance.

Spare Me A French Quarter and O Suzi Mio of O.P.I Nail Polish are great for formal as well as casual settings. They aren’t bold enough to stand out but fashion-forward to make a statement.


How can we forget glitter! Honestly, nothing beats good glitter work on the nails. They are eye-catching, trendy and make you feel like a million dollars. But subtlety is the key here. Don’t overdo the glitter since that would steal the artfulness of it.

Try O.P.I Nail Polish’s Mica Be Dreaming and Feel Beautiful for fantastic glitter nails with minimum fallout and maximum bling.

Brighter Hues:

Bright colour lovers know how chic they look. Especially multi-colour shades! And whoever said you cannot wear bright colours in fall? We recommend getting brightened up with O.P.I Nail Polish shades from XBOX Spring 2022  for a nostalgic finish. 

Experimenting with chrome is another unconventional and (trust us) Ah-amazing way to get your fall aesthetics in order.

Neutral Colours:

Browns, beige, and whites are traditional fall colours, and they are anything but boring. Sometimes it is good to stick to the traditional colours. They are well-loved for a reason. And they would work great with anything. And we mean anything!

Try O.P.I’s gel nail polish collection in colours Chocolate Moose and Stop It I'm Blushing to look your fall best!

Get painting and remember to have fun with it. Try out our favourites and let us know how you liked the recommendations. Don’t forget to drop some of your colours that would be great for fall. We will be sure to check them out.



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