DIY Romantic Nails With CND Shellac Nail Polish

by Ishant Sharma

Do you smell Pumpkin Spice in the air? Or is the crisp chill of fall not settled in yet? No matter, we’ll help you get into the fall mood with one of our favourite nail polish brands. CND Shellac’s colours are a fantastic choice for a wild romantic kind of fall!

Here is how you begin!

CND Nail polishes

Prepping your nails:

Nail prep is an important step in nail makeovers. Start by using the CND Shellac Cool Blue Waterless Hand Cleanser to cleanse your skin. 

Make sure your names are free of color. Remove any existing color with CND Offly Fast Moisturizing Remover. If necessary, trim and shape the nails to an appropriate length.

Next in line would be removing the pesky cuticles. Use CND’s CuticleAway Professional Cuticle Remover and trim away the cuticles with a curette. 

Applying a Base Coat:

A base coat is a primer for your nails. It helps the nail paint, gel or whatever variation you use to set evenly. 

For this, you might consider using CND Shellac’s Base Coat. Start by shaking well and applying on all five nails. Cure with an LED Lamp. Most importantly, Do Not Remove the top film after the nails have been cured.

You’re All Preped! Ready to Polish?

CND Shellac’s Romantique is the perfect colour for a base. It acts as a blank canvas to create and experiment with your Wild Romantic nail art palette. 

Put a thin layer of paint and let it dry out. 

No, start applying any warmer tones like CND Shellac’s Willow Talk in angular patterns in various shapes across the nail. 

Make similar patterns with a whiter shade around the previous shapes. You can use the color CND Shellacs’s Bouquet for this purpose.

Now using a detail brush, paint smaller dots or geometric patterns with darker, bolder colors. See colors like CND Shellac’s Treasured Moments collection for reference.

Time for a Top Coat:

Using CND Shellac’s Top Coat, apply a thin layer to each nail and let it dry. Remove the top film with a lint-free pad dipped in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Finally, condition the nails with CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Care.

Your nails are ready to be shown off!


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