Back to School Nails with Essie Nail Polish

by Ishant Sharma

The first day of school is always daunting. But with the right amount of confidence, you can tide over anything! We are bringing some good confidence boosters your way with these pretty nail colors by Essie.

And hey, even if you are still cooped up at home, a good manicure never hurts anybody! Essie's gel and nail lacquer are some fantastic long-lasting colors that come in a variety of shades which are perfect to pick from for exploring your artsy side.

What is the hold-up, then? Let’s get impressing!


A rainbow can never go wrong. The fun and bright colors are eye-catching but could be toned down with french tips. And how fun is that! Rainbow french tips.

Check out Essie’s Bubbles Only, Beau Tie and Jade to Measure for vibration color references.

Pastel Rainbows:

Speaking of rainbows, pastels are another great option if you don't want to be bold with bright colours, pastels are your friend. Pastels are lighter and easier to carry with most outfits. 

They are subtle enough to blend in but can be really cute in a clutch. Try out Essie's Ballet Slippers or Princess Charming for a start.

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Glitter done right is totally worth the sight! The wonderful thing about glitter is that it can be experimented with in many ways. They are eye-catching and cool. With a little trick, that is, to make it subtler with lines and geometric shapes, you can be the coolest person around.

Shimmer might seem a little daunting, but there is nothing wrong with bling. Embrace your daring side with Essie's Gadget-Free and Summit of Style.

Animal Prints:

Are you one of the confident ones? The people who can pull off any style? Well, how else can you show your personality other than some animal prints?

The way to go would be to keep all other nails neutral and highlight one of them. This way, the print won’t be too much on the face, and it will give a fierce yet elegant look.

You can try the popular cheetah print with Essie's Velvet Crush, Make the Cut, and You’re Golden.

Classic Hues:

Nothing beats the traditional shades. But to spice it up and have some fun, you can have the option to apply multi-colour palettes. How does that help? Well, instead of sticking to a single color, you can choose to get multiple fun colours.

Try out Essie’s Naughty Nautical, On the Roadie, Loot The Booty and Willows in the Wind

These are some of our recommendations for the back-to-school season this fall. Rocking any style is all up to good nail care and proper application. Have fun exploring the amazing colours of Essie’s Nail Polish collections! 


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