A Must-Follow Nail Care Guide

by Ishant Sharma

Most girls follow a care routine for their hair, skin, or lips, but caring for nails will barely cross their minds. In 90% of cases, the nails get overlooked when it comes to self-pampering.

We have all been there – rushing through a busy schedule all day long, and at the end of the day, we simply retire to bed without any thought of our nail care regime.

But trust us! Caring for your nails is as important as caring for your skin or hair. So we have brought you this simple guide to pampering your nails, which any lazy girl can follow as well.

1. Replace your nail file.

Picking up just any nail file does not do the trick for our nails. Nail filing is the first and foremost task that needs to be done when giving your nails a new look. If you own a flimsy cardboard nail file, then, by all means, dump it without any second thought.

We recommend choosing a crystal nail file. Try it out, and you will notice a difference immediately.

Your nails will be in better shape in half the time, and they will feel revitalized right away!

Avoid those that have a sandy feel to them. You can quickly tell which ones are sandy, run your fingers over the grit. You will immediately feel that the nail file you are looking at is ineffective and useless.

This is because your nail file should be gentle on your nails, so the one you choose should have fine grit. You don't want to injure your nails, so avoid using a coarse-grit file.

The best part is that the crystal nail file is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Simply run it under running water, and you're ready to go.

2. Make sure you use a base coat.

Ladies, we all have one complaint about our nails: They are too fragile and easily broken. And that's upsetting!

However, the good news is that it just takes about a minute to correct.

If you want to strengthen your nails, always apply a base coat before applying any nail color. This will improve the state of your nails and ensure that your manicure lasts a long time.

Simply apply a thin layer of the base coat, and your nails will be prepared to accept your color of choice.  The best part is that the nail color goes on the nails effortlessly, making it look fresh and beautiful.

3. Moisturize your cuticles.

When it comes to moisturizing, we usually have the face, lips, and skin in mind. In fact, the standard nighttime routine consists of the following tasks: applying moisturizer on the face, applying lip balm, brushing your hair, applying hand cream and lotion on the legs and arms.

However, few people consider moisturizing their nail cuticles at night. To be honest, we think everyone should dedicate even just 5 minutes to our nails. We can, can't we?

Keep doing your beauty routine but with just one small change. Right as your tucked in bed, get your nail product from your nightstand and gently apply it onto your nails.

We recommend using nail butter since it is non-greasy and is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a smear on the bedsheets.

It’s that easy! Just do it for a few nights and soon it’ll become a nighttime habit.

4. Remove your cuticles.

We've all dealt with unsightly cuticles and the discomfort they cause! It is kind of hard to tolerate and is definitely something we don't want.

Getting rid of those cuticles may take some time at first. You'll need a decent tool to push them away or remove them so your nails can breathe and feel light. Once you've gotten the hang of it, getting rid of that undesirable growth will take less time. After that, your nails will feel a lot better.

Ladies, it's not difficult to establish a nighttime regimen that includes nail care. If you follow the four steps above, you will notice a change in how beautiful your nails appear!

We all know how relaxing a good manicure is for women. So we have found a way that can relax you and your nails in every way possible.


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