OPI Powder Perfection Liquid Essentials Kit

  • OPI Powder Perfection Liquid Essentials Kit
  • Liquid Essentials Kit Includes: 
  1. Base Coat 0.5 oz 15 mL
  2. Activator 0.5 oz 15 mL
  3. BondAid 0.5 oz 15 mL
  4. Top Coat 0.5 oz 15 mL
  5. Brush Cleaner 1 oz 30 mL

OPI Powder Perfection-Acrylic nails reinvented.

Dip. Tap. Perfect.

Faster, easier & odor-free. Gel-like shine & weeks of wear. Dries almost instantly, no need to light cure. Soak-off wrap removal.

A new, quick applying, odor-free acrylic alternative that promotes a clean-air environment while offering gel-like shine & weeks of wear without the need to light cure.

*NOTE: clean the products after EVERY use for best upkeep and results. Product may get defective if the products are not cleaned well. 

Please use link for How-To: