November 27, 2017

Your nails are an incredible asset of style and fantasy. You like to color it, accessorize it and make it trendier to look astonishing everyday. But, often in dearth of decorating nails, we keep ignoring the fact that nails too require health and wellness to grow. The nail colors we mostly apply are full of harmful chemicals and toxic substances to affect nail health.  Whether it is a random market product or any branded nail color that please your eyes, it needs to be assured – the nail polish is “5-Free”!

What is 5-Free Nail Polish?

The word “5-Free” on nail polish tag is just not a simple term to show earth-friendliness or environment cautious product. 5-Free means a whole new rage of nail color trends that inhibit the use of harmful chemicals while manufacturing to support eco-friendliness and use of organic products on your delicate nails.

What does it contains?

5-Free is an amazing thing! Mostly, nail colors are made from 3 common chemicals - Toluene, Dibutyl Pthalate, Formaldehyde, and also with two other dangerous chemicals -Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, which harms the nail health and stops the growth. Just as the makeup ands skincare product with inorganic substance harms the health and wellness, similarly, nail colors with these 5 toxic chemicals keeps the nails unsafe. As the name suggests, the 5 Free nail polishes are free of all these chemicals. This nail polish are derived from organic constituents without any disease causing ingredients and particles. For example- laying a fresh of coat of Ella Mila Nail Polish can color your talons with love of nature.

How dangerous are these toxins?

Some people think because the polish site atop the nails, that it shouldn’t matter what you put on them. But the truth is, out nails are actually porous. The toxins found in the inorganic nail polish come with all sorts of fire warnings if you research them. Take for example of Formaldehyde- it causes serious cancer and other skin diseases. The Dibutyl phthalate is bad for the reproductive system and toluene can be harmful to unborn fetuses. The nail polish is free from these 5 chemicals which can cause nutrient deficiency, skin allergies, cancer, and even nauseas and other reproductive problems.

Why you should go for 5-free, plus the best brand & shades?

5-Free is the next big thing in cosmetic industry. If you are totally concerned about safety of your beauty products with real good reason, then one easy green choice you can make is 5-Free Nail Polish. A nail polish brand that eliminates the use of carcinogens without compromising quality or performance is your best pick. Choose your favorite nail polish from Ella Mila Nail Polish Collection. These nail polish are popular among the "I only buy organic but I love my painted nails" set because of what they don't contain.